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Amplifiers for A.C. Servo Motors
Linear D.C. Power Amps
Synchro Amplifiers
Modulators and Demodulators
Servo Actuators
Special Control Systems

Standard units available which will meet applicable MIL Specs.
Amplifiers available which utilize state of the art Chips and Hybrids.
Units for industrial applications available.
Devices designed to operate with A.C., D.C., synchro or resolver command signals.
All units feature self-contained solid state high reliability electronics and power supplies.
Units now in use on numerous systems involving:

  • Simulators
  • Fire Controls
  • ASW
  • Ground Support
  • Missile Tracking
  • High Accuracy Positioning
  • Aircraft Instumentation
  • Missile Instrumentation
  • Stable Platforms
Special Systems can be designed in accordance to your detailed specifications. CTC will also design "interface" equipment to integrate major control systems.
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