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Providing fast turnaround design and manufacturing to the industrial, marine and aerospace communities for over 40 years.

Marine Monitoring, Alarm Communications & Control Systems (MACC)
  • Analog Digital Displays(ADD)
  • Analog Movements with Digital Interfaces
  • Servo Actuators
  • Demodulators
  • Status Panels
  • Communication Interfaces
  • Servo Amplifiers
  • Signal Level Converters
  • Synchro Instruments
  • Digital Position Transmitters
  • Flight Instruments
  • Ground Support Systems
  • Simulators
  • Full MIL-STD-Experience
  • Full NATO Marine Experience
  • Analog Design
  • Digital Design
  • Software Design
  • Power Engineering
  • Integrated Logistics Support
  • CAD
  • Program Management
Manufacturing & Facilities
  • MIL-I-45208 Approval
  • Horizontally Integrated

Control Technology Co., Inc. is an engineering oriented firm that has been in business over 40 years. We manufacture customized and off-the-shelf Servo Electronics; Analog and Digital Servo Control Systems and related Computer Interface Equipment which include Signal Level Converters. Our products are described below.

Servo Electronics
Control Technology Co. Inc. designs and manufactures LINEAR transistorized amplifiers in power ranges up to 3,500 watts. These amplifiers are designed to meet various temperature, gain input impedance requirements. Our amplifiers do not use switching techniques; meaning that they exhibit no cross over distortion and are RF noise free. These amplifiers are designed to drive:

400CPS Servo Motors Clutches
60CPS Servo Motors Resolvers
DC Torquers Synchros
DC Motors Relays
HydraulicServo Valves Other Loads

Control Technology Co., Inc also manufactures Synchro Amplifiers that drive synchros in response to AC or DC sin 0 and cos 0 information. Also available are Demodulators, Modulators and special eletronics designed to your electrical and mechanical specifications.

Analog and Digital Servo Control Systems
Control Technology Co., Inc. has available a wide line of pre-engineered and packaged Analoge and Digital Servo Control Systems. These systems can be used as Servo Actuators, Indicators or Automatic Controllers. Various configurations are available with different electrical and mechanical inputs and outputs. Many of these systems utilize both analogue and digital techniques and are designed to interface with computers.

Our systems are presently in use on industrial equipment, electronic simulators, and on military and aerospace projects. Consult our Engineering Department for special systems designed to your electrical and mechanical specifications.

Computer Interface Equipment
Control Technology Co. Inc. also manufactures a line of Military Approved and Industrial Digital Signal Level Converters that meet many different data format applications:

RS-232C TO MIL-STD-422
RS-422 TO MIL-STD-188C
MIL-STD-188C TO RS-422
RS-422 TO RS-232C

From system architecture to product layout, CTC offers:

  • Cost effective design
  • Low cost manufacturing
  • Fast turnaround

Awards and Distinctions

1991-1992 Engineer's Choice
Best of ServoMechanisms & Robotic Equipment Section

Rockwell International Space Trans Systems Division
Nominee for Subcontractor of the Year 1984

Paramax Supplier of the Year
Award of Excellance

EEM/Electronic Engineers Master
Cover Selection 1988-89

Administrators Award for Excellence

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